Learning Outcomes

Creative Work

[Written Element – n/a]

Reflective evaluation

Tutor Reports

I&P Final Assessment


My understanding from the enormously useful Zoom presentation with Edward Smith on 26th August is that the requirements for Level 1 assessment are:

  • 2-3 examples of work for each Learning Outcome;
  • the images and submission text from three assignments;
  • a personal reflection on the course as a whole; and
  • the tutor feedback for all five assignments;
  • there is no requirement at this level for Written Element submissions †.

These have been provided in the relevant folders, both in document form and as links to my course web site.

A record of all my work on I&P is available in two locations. Primarily, a website sub domain has been created for this assessment process. In addition, there is a labyrinthine parent meta-site at that covers the whole degree and the many digressions that arise. The latter has now been reconfigured for the next course.

My C&N tutor set me the highly satisfying task of creating a book of that course and I am working on another for Identity and Place but it will not be ready by the Assessment deadline.

† if this is not the case, please consider Metaphor and The Gaze.