Learning Outcomes

L01 Practical 

demonstrate an ability to make technically accomplished photographic work and apply technique purposefully and appropriately.

Exercise 1.3, Portraiture typology
Exercise 2.1, Individual spaces
Exercise 5.1, Still Life

L02 Conceptual

be able to translate ideas into visual outcomes with confidence and autonomy

Exercise 1.4, Archival intervention
Exercise 3.2, Your personality
Exercise 4.5, Image and Text

The output of Exercise 4.5 is a video file. This can be
viewed online at the link [above] and the video file is also submitted [below].

L03 Theoretical

show a developed critical understanding of contemporary practice in relation to historical practice and theory, and the themes explored in this unit

Assignment 1 Essay, Defining the Portrait
Exercise 3.3, Reflecting
Assignment 2 Essay, Ownership and Authorship

L04 Analytical

be able to reflect upon your own work and that of others with increasing confidence and criticality

Course Preamble, Square Mile
Exercise 1.1, Historic Portrait
Exercise 1.2, August Sander