5a Still Life

● Create a set of still-life pictures showing traces of life without using people.
You could do this with your camera phone to reflect the vernacular and transient nature of these moments or you could choose to use high-quality imagery to give these moments gravitas, like Nigel Shafran.
● Your technical decisions should back up your ideas, so write a short reflective commentary detailing these decisions and the reasons for them.

I&P p.124

[15Apr21] I suggested at the outset of the course, photographing used ash-trays outside restaurant and pubs and see no reason to change that, especially as they reopened for (external-only) business today after months of Covid lockdown. Although it could be seen as deriving from some of the above, the plan was laid months before I read Part 5.

They fit the criteria of still life, evidence human behaviour and are on the detritus and pollution spectrum. There is also a nod to Penn’s cigarette but series.

[30Apr] Whenever I pass a cafe or restaurant serving outside customers (the only sort allowed for now) I check the vacated tables for an ash try, but none have been found yet. Asking an active customer to photograph their ash tray is too intrusive in my view and might be misinterpreted. I’ll just have to let this one run.