Part 1 Origins of photographic portraiture

(a) Harry Callahan

(b) Square Mile

(c) Historic portrait

(d) August Sander

(e) Portraiture typology

(f) Archival intervention

Part 2 Street and studio

(a) Individual spaces

(b) Covert

(c) Same model, different background

(d) Same background, different model

Part 3 Mirrors and windows

(a) Mirrors and Windows

(b) Your Personality

(c) Reflecting

(d) The Gaze I

(e) The Gaze II

Part 4 Image and text

(a) Looking at Advertisements

(b) Reflective Day

(c) Storyboard

(d) Alternative Interpretations

(e) Image and Text

Part 5: Removing the figure

(a) Still Life

(b) Georges Perec

(c) Your Journey

(d) Metaphor