3b Your Personality

Make a list of some aspects of your personality that make you unique.
● Start taking a few pictures that could begin to express this.
● How could you develop this into a body of work?

I&P p.80

An arrogant, taciturn, argumentative old bugger, but, then again, many people of age are.

In my view, individual aspects of a personality rarely make a person unique – they are what make people similar – it is only the totality of all aspects that combine to begin to make the individual different, and ultimately unique.
Some physical characteristics tend towards uniqueness, fingerprints being an obvious example, and one’s DNA profile (although again, by family DNA likenesses we can all be identified).

A picture of my fingerprint, then. And then we will turn to ailments.

There are several defining moments in most lives. The second most important is having a first child — unless it is kept at arm’s length through nannies and boarding schools then your life changes in ways and to an extent that no-one could successfully describe to you.
But the primary event is learning how (barring lightning strikes, under buses and similar mishaps) you are probably going to die. The knowledge never quite leaves your consciousness thereafter.

My self-perception is more as an assemblage of symptoms than a personality.

Acquiring this knowledge changed my personality as a second stroke rewired my brain and tweaked all by bodily processes. Last year I started photo-documenting health events: I have nothing to offer since starting this course, as the NHS has been busy elsewhere, but I am due a scan next week and I’ll try to selfie my Covid jab. Below are some items from my archive.
And experiments with fingerprints.

Medical examinations, 2019-20

Box A
1-2. Eye scan, 24 September 2019
3. ECG 16 January 2020
4-5. Echocardiogram 16 January 2020
6-9. MRI 25 January 2020


Box B
1. my fingerprint
2. self portrait after Kubrick from C&N
3. mingled

[20Feb] I have some inkjet acetate on order and had in mind a variant on the Avedon / Starmer homage in C&N Asg. 3, but then thought of an easier way, merging the two in Photoshop, this time with the Kubrick homage (fig. B2) from the same Asg.

Fingerprint advice came from the FBI, https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/fingerprints-and-other-biometrics/recording-legible-fingerprints, moderated by means of a course patterned ink pad which lends a pleasant mottled effect to the print (fig. B1).

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