3. Brief

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Choose ONE of the following:

a. ‘Mirror’

Choose a community that you’re already a part of. It could be your child’s nursery or your regular gym class, but it should be something that takes up a substantial amount of your interest and time.

Create a photographic response to how this group informs who you are as a person. What aspects of this group or community reflect on you? What do you share? How does it function as a mirror reflection of who you are?


b. ‘Window’

Use this opportunity to find out about a community that you don’t know much about and tell their story. Get to know them and talk to them; learn by listening and understanding.

Your aim here is to become an insider. You’re beginning as an outsider so it is important to choose a group that you can spend a lot of time with. Negotiation skills and respect are intrinsic to working well with your subjects and are invaluable skills for your development as a photographer.

Be clear about your intentions and involve your subjects in the process in order to obtain the best results. What window into this world can you access through your role as photographer?


In either case you can create as many pictures as you like but, in your reflective commentary, explain how you arrived at the final edit. The set should be concise and not include repetitive or unnecessary images. Be attentive to this aspect of production. Spend some time researching how other photographers seem to edit series of works. There’s helpful advice on editing and sequencing in Maria Short (2011) Context and Narrative, Lausanne: AVA Publishing.

Some questions to consider are:

What order should the images be shown in?

Are there too many repetitive images?

Do you need to let go of earlier images because the project has changed?

Are you too close to some of your favourite pictures and they don’t fit the sequence?

Do you need to re-shoot any for technical reasons? Are there any gaps that need to be filled?

Send your final series of images to your tutor together with your reflective commentary (500 words) on this assignment.

Photography 3: Identity & Place